Seaweed Bracelets

  We at Miskatonic Mermaids try to imagine what a mermaid could find underwater to make adornments and jewelry with. So we imagine finding different varieties of seaweed and weaving it with pearls and other gems found in treasure chests on sunken ships.

  Our interpretation is created using hand dyed silks. We dye the silks in colors that resemble ocean palettes, we then use fiber forming techniques including knitting, weaving and crochet. Each bracelet is then hand beaded using pearls, seashells, gemstones and crystals.

  The bracelets are made in a standard size small, medium and large. We adjust them accordingly to fit your desired wrist size.

  The bracelets may be worn alone which is approximately 2.5" width or they can be stacked and layered up the are.

  Custom orders are also welcome, as we dye all of our own silk.