This is a combination of 2 separate necklaces that can be worn together or separately. The group is one of a kind, all handmade in the traditional Rosary style of hand wire wrapping of each gemstone, pearl and seashell separately. The pendant on one is made from a genuine sea urchin embellished to simulate a Jellyfish. 

 The 1st Rosary is Opera length and can be worn in full length or doubled and worn as a choker. It is 39.5" in length with a hand soldered and gilded closure. the necklace is composed of genuine Pearls, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Amethyst, Rhodochrosite and antiqued crystal spacers. An extra handmade S-shaped hook is included so it can be attached to hold the ends to wear as a choker.

 The 2nd necklace made in the Rosary technique using the same stones as the 1st and had the Sea Urchin attached as a pendant and had a magnetic closure. It is 26.5" in total length.

 The piece is unique and is both Elegant and Bohemian depending upon how you choose to wear it.


Rosaries of the Sea Urchin Necklace Combination