Mermaid Jewelry

Adornments for the body that have been designed and handcrafted by Miskatonic Mermaids. The pieces have been inspired by Atlantean, Phoenician and Ancient Sea Dweller Folklore

  We create one of a kind pieces for sale on our website and at juried Art and Craft venues on the US East Coast.


We also welcome one of a kind commissions made especially for the mermaids, sea sirens and pirates that want a unique piece to fit their personality!

IMG-3055 (1).jpg
Queen of Pirates -PM.jpg

Custom Order

Contact us here for a one of a kind piece that is just for you

Rosaries of the Sea

Megalodon Necklaces

Octopus Wraps

and more

Want a one of a kind piece that is just for you?


Click on our link below to fill out a custom order form and we will design your perfect piece to fit your desires. 

Or visit our Gallery here and see many other wonderful pieces designed by us for you and others.

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