Megalodon Necklace

  A creation 35 million years in the making.......

  We use authentic Megalodon Shark Teeth found off of the North Carolina Coast.


   Miskatonic Mermaids designs and creates one of a kind treasures from each individual tooth. These are definite statement pieces that can be worn alone with a rubber choker or on an elaborate Rosary of the Sea.


  We also use the smaller treasures in handmade hair combs, earrings and cuff bracelets.


  Each pendant is at home with jeans, sandals, or an elegant black sarong. When combined with the Rosary, these pieces can carry you through the most formal Gallery Opening with all of the confidence of a Prehistoric Predator!

  We also welcome commission pieces using your own treasure of choice. Inquire on custom page.

Where we Find our Fossils


  Our Megalodon Shark Teeth are found exclusively by CarolinaBeachFossils off the Carolina's coast. 


 We welcome custom orders, contact us for specific requests or themes and we will design the unique piece you desire and that fits your taste and budget.

  If you have a special fossil that you would like us to use in your piece please contact us!